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We are a family business combining a total of nearly 90 years’ experience in the automotive, aircraft and abrasive industries. This allows us the ability to offer a 1st class service backed up by some hard-earned qualifications, and in-depth knowledge across multiple specialist industries. This along with the all-important first-hand experience and understanding, all brought together under one roof.

ABSOLUTE Blast & Powder 

The company was started with the intention to create a business that offers the type of service and attention to detail that we were unable to find in the Grit Blasting & Powder Coating sector. After an accumulation of below level experiences, and high standards that were just not being met by the companies that we were using, the only option we were left with, was to just do it ourselves, and do it properly!

Our wealth of experience and qualifications cover a wide range of surface preparation/finishing and engineering disciplines enabling us to offer a unique unparalleled and bespoke service.

From us to you!

We can offer everything from a simple one-off Sand Blast or Powder Coat to a complete restoration project. From refurbishing and coating a set of wheels to commercial contracts we have got it all covered.


A purpose-built facility, located on the Vale Business Park in The Vale of Glamorgan allows us to cater for the smallest most intricate projects right up to the largest items that can be transported by road. While our mobile unit, which can reach just about anywhere, allows us the flexibility to go to any project that cannot be brought to us. 

Compulsive Obsessive Disorder. Perfectionist Cutting Garden Grass.jpg

Passionate about perfection!

With a genuine aspiration to achieve the “ABSOLUTE” best finish, repair or restoration possible for all our projects through a dependable service in which we pride ourselves in the pursuit of perfection.


Whatever the project, send us a message or get in contact to discuss your requirements and bring your vision to life today.


For further info visit our gallery page for a snapshot of some previous projects we have completed 

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