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"ABSOLUTE" Vehicle &
Engineering Solutions

We understand the importance of cars and bikes. They can be an expression of ourselves and  a passion not just a vehicle to get us where we want to go. 

We offer the same attention to detail with every Vehicle Engineering Solution offered, that can be seen throughout all of our services. And we know only too well that horrible sinking feeling when you drop your car off at a garage to get something done, not knowing how it will be treated, who will be working on it, or what level of below standard workmanship you will have to deal with on collection.

Min F56 Car | Modification | Love Cars | Engineering Solutions | Modifying Cars
Welding Roll Cage | Mini R56 | Modification |Aoutomotive Solutions | Track Preparation.

With over 30 years of experience in the Automotive industry to draw upon restoring, maintaining and modifying everything from Minis to E Type Jaguars,  a wealth of knowledge, understanding and passion is always on hand. 


We are fully equipped and qualified to carry out everything from calliper removal & strip down or removal of springs in preparation for our powder coating service, as well as being able to offer many more complex car preparation and modification solutions.  

 We say 'NO' to "that will do" standards!

All of our talented technicians have decades of experience and knowledge in the automotive industry uniquely coupled with the precise experience, understanding and high standards gained from the Aircraft industry.  

If you want something done right then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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