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Grit Blasting and Surface Preparation...

Abrasive Blasting commonly known as Sand or Grit Blasting refers to the process of propelling fine pieces of material or media onto a surface at an extremely high velocity. 

With the correct knowledge and adjustments it can be used for a huge variety of different purposes such as surface preparation, etching or cleaning of all kinds of materials.  Right down to the most intricate restoration of complex and delicate items  and even to create customised designs.

How does Grit Blasting work?

Air is the main fuel used for abrasive blasting, allowing the abrasive media mixed in the air to reach the high speeds that are necessary for the process to be effective. The higher the pressure and coarser the abrasive is, the more intense the results will be.Utilising fine and coarse abrasive media from crushed glass to walnut shells, and ceramic balls to plastic depending on the surface and the finish required.  Abrasive blasting is extremely effective  at  removing residues, contaminants and scale. Cleaning dirt build up, and removing rust or coatings to create a surface ready for the protective coating to adhere.  It is much more versatile than most realise and can improve and increase efficiency of a never ending range of products and equipment across many different industries. 

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Absolute Blast! 

We specialise in Dry and Wet Abrasive blasting for surface preparation and restoration, as well as many other light and heavy industrial applications. We have a variety of equipment that allows us to be fully mobile. These range from general cleaning, vehicle restoration, preparation of any substrate for subsequent painting, coating or lining, right through to preparing large scale components such as plant, tanks, vessels and pipework for Non-Destructive Testing / Evaluation (NDT / NDE).

We use and sell a wide range of abrasive blasting media each with its own own specific uses and benefits. 

Glass Grit | Sand Blasting Grit | Medium Course | Precision Blast Cleaning
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Our Services 

All of our services are available at our fully equipped in-house Llandow Facility - Unit 10c Vale Business Park, CF71 7PF where we can receive items from small intricate and delicate components to be prepared in our enclosed cabinet or larger components such as car/bike parts, frames and wheels through to large items up to 4m in diameter x 20m in length such as car chassis or shells, articulated trailers or large vessels. 

Mobile Sandblasting 

We offer one-off and contract surface preparation services with our mobile blasting unit capable of carrying out stand alone services on any site within the UK.

As well as hiring DIY equipment for the budding enthusiast that want to prepare items themselves.

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