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Restoration Services 

From old stone walls and brick work to rusty steel, restoration focuses on returning a project to its previous state after damage or a change of any kind. That could be something as severe as fire damage,  general age related dirt build up, corrosion or anything else.

Restoration will not change the aspects of a project but will instead return it to the previous state. This in itself can often add value in lots of ways to the project.  

If you are rebuilding a classic vehicle, carrying out a barn conversion or just have a sentimental  item that that has seen better days, we can help. 

Fire damaged stone wall restored

Stone & Brick Restoration & Cleaning

Both Interior or exterior work carried out such as fireplace, wall or exposed wood. On newly built or recently exposed areas. We can safely remove paint, dirt & grime, cement residue, efflorescence and graffiti on many types of stone or brick. Wet blasting can also be used to prevent dust.

Exposed Timber &  Beam Restoration & Cleaning

 Precision blast cleaning & stripping always brings out the amazing hidden features  beneath. We will always carry out tests on isolated and hidden areas before commencing to make sure the surface reacts as intended.

Vehicle Restoration

Restoration or rebuilding of any type of motor vehicle whether it is a body shell, panels, a chassis, frame, subframe or any other individual parts. We use various different types of media applications depending on the material type, initial condition and finish required. Removing paint and rust with no distortion leaving a fine etched surface ready  for  final protective finish.

Flash Corrosion Prevention

Flash corrosion is the general and rapid corrosion that instantly occurs when metallic items are exposed to the environment.  It is also known as flash rusting or flashing. For example: The rust appearing on a wet cast-iron pan that is left to dry in the air.

Metals such as steel, copper and aluminium can flash corrode rapidly after surface preparation.

Flash corrosion appearing after surface preparation

To help prevent this can also coat surfaces with a corrosion inhibitor protective or passivation layer. This is usually done for items that need to be reworked or repaired preventing flash corrosion and allowing items significantly more time for preparation prior to the application of surface finishes.

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