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Wheel Refurbishment

Our wheel refurbishment procedure follows a very similar process to all of our Powder Coating and Media Blasting projects. With the addition of some specific steps along the away to ensure the integrity of the wheels. Our attention to detail and ensuring the "ABSOLUTE" best finish is achieved  is, as always, the number one priority. You can be assured that your wheels are in good hands.

There are 2 types of finishes we advise for wheels: Powder Coated or a mixture of both Powder & Paint.

Depending on the type of comprehensive package you choose your car may first be lifted on our ramp and the wheels carefully removed along with your tyres, which would then be stored safely if they are to be refitted, or disposed of if we are supplying new tyres. This process would then be reversed once the wheels have been completed with the addition of wheel balancing etc Please click on our tyre fitting link icon for more info. 

1, First your wheels will be chemically cleaned to remove any brake dust, dirt and tar build up prior to the initial detailed inspection looking for any signs of damage.  We photograph and document everything along the way and communicate with you anything that we find that has not already been discussed.

2, Once stage one is completed the wheels will be fully submerged in a specifically designed acid alloy stripper and then steam cleaned to remove all of the old coatings.

Wheels in alloy wheel stripper to remove coatings | Alloy wheel refurb

8, You then have a choice of what colour you would like? e.g.: a colour change or to put back to factory finish, this can be done by two ways wet paint or another coat of powder depending on your requirements. The alloy wheels are then cured again in the oven. 

9, Finally we remove the alloys from the oven and apply a powder coat clear lacquer protecting the wheel with a glass like appearance other options are matt or satin lacquer are available and can be discussed prior depending on the overall look you desire.

10. In addition to the above steps with our fully comprehensive package we will then add an anti corrosion preventative to the mating surface of the wheels. This does not alter the surface shape or or add any depth to it but it will help prevent the dissimilar metal corrosion caused by steel hubs contacting with the mating surface of the alloy wheel.

Wheel with Curb Rash | Damaged Alloy wheel refurbishment and repair \ Curb damage repaired

3, At this stage we will remove any kerb or scuff damage and fix any other defects. If we feel there is a requirement we may also check the wheel runs true depending on the initial damage report

4,The next stage of preparation is to Sand blast the wheels all over to create an even etch to the surface. This allows the surface coating to flow into the etching and create an extremely strong bond to the surface. Next we clean the wheels with dry clean air to remove any surface dust. 

5,We then mask up the rear mating surface area of the wheel where it mounts to the hub of the car this is very important step that is often not completed by many other companies due to the time and care required. 

6, Your wheels are then placed in an oven & preheated to prepare them for powder coating. This removes any surface contaminants and gasses uncovered during the previous steps. It is very important to control the temperature so not to compromise the integrity of the wheel.  

7, After a specific time the wheels are removed from the oven and a high build powder coat primer is applied covering the entire wheel, they are then placed back in the oven to cure.

Alloy wheel with a ne tyre replaced and balanced | New Tyres Installed and Balanced
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